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Monday, June 9, 2014



The story of horror dolls found in Singapore is now spreading widely on Twitter. The story spread online and Singaporeans were shocked with the discovery of a doll with closed eyes with a cloth printed word Allah at a tree in Hougang Singapore.

The owner of the horror doll who owns a twitter account with the name Narcosis told that the doll was posted to her from someone. She is said to be a lover and collectors of antique dolls, but from 10 dolls of her collection, this one doll is very unusual and mysterious.

According to the owner, it is a handmade doll with creepy face and she found the doll moving from one place to another.

Because of fear, the doll was blindfolded with word of God and put at a tree. He added that this is done so that it did not follow anyone else.

A person who finds the doll at the tree asked a religious person called 'ustaz' for help.

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