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Saturday, June 7, 2014



There are several things in the world that does not look sexy even if it's done by a woman. Imagine what if you received instructions from the woman. Even more worrying when the woman who gives instructions is a chief gangster or a God Mother. This is not a joke but the fact about women who become leaders in the world of gangsters.

For those of you who say that the criminal world is conquered by man, you might be correcting your statement when knowing these world's lady gangster. Here are 7 women who have shaken the world of crime:

Judy Moran
Judy Moran is a 66-year-old woman who led the biggest gangster in Melbourne. She was nicknamed as the Family Matriarch.

Xie Caiping
Almost a year ago, the city of Chongqing, China took a decisive action against terrorism. A massive operation was done to capture nearly 1,500 suspects who were all under the command of Xie Caiping. Caiping ran an illegal casino business and is responsible for overseeing the police to protect her followers.

Sandra Avila Beltran
With the title "Queen of the Pacific ', Sandra was born and raised to be' God Mother 'in Mexico. Her uncle was a' God Father 'of Mexico. Sandra got the title for being responsible in bridging relationship between Colombian Norte del Valle cartel and Sinaloa cartel and help expand smuggling along the Pacific Coast of Mexico. Sandra jailed on charges of organized crime, money laundering and drug trafficking conspiracy.

Rosetta Cutolo
This woman became a gangster because she felt sad and disappointed when Italian police arrested her brother. She then proceeds to run her brother's business. She was listed as the most wanted suspects in Italy as ishe comes from Raffaele Cutolo family, Nuova Camorra Organizzata (NCO), which is the most feared gangster in Italy. After police raided the headquarters of Italy in 1981, she spent 10 years as a fugitive until she finally surrendered.


Maria Licciardi
From 1993 to 2001, Maria Licciardi is the head of the Licciardi family and "Capo di Tutti Capi 'a gangster group of Napoleon. Under her leadership, Licciardi family became more organized and more profitable in all their endeavors. Perhaps the most significant contribution is to introduce prostitution in Camorra. Beforehand, there is some code of ethics that prohibits mafia from getting money as a result of prostitution. This may seem odd as woman should be the one against prostitution.

Maria Leon
A 44-year-old mother of 13 children may not sound dangerous. However, this woman became the head of the largest drug syndicates that dominate the northeast Los Angeles and Beirut. She handles her business well and at the same time provides proper education to her children.

Griselda Blanco
At the age of 11, she kidnapped the children of wealthy families who live nearby her neighborhood for a ransom. When the parents of any children she kidnapped did not want to pay the ransom, she would kill the child. After moving to New York from Colombia at age the of 70, she began her career in drug smuggling.She fled to Miami in order to avoid charges on her. That's when she puts Miami as cocaine capital of America. Se is believed to have masterminded over 200 murders, including all her three husbands. In 1988, she was arrested by the DEA in California and spent 16 years imprisoned. When released in 2004, she was sent to Colombia and was never again seen until now.

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