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Sunday, June 8, 2014


This mysterious events happened in the middle of the 18th century. Ochamchir, was a hunter then in the territory of Georgia, which was still  under one of the regions of Russia. He had captured a wild woman, whom arms, legs and fingers were covered with thick hair and fur.

This strange woman named Zana, had to be confined  for some time as she was too wild.

Zana has a high immunity compared to ordinary person. She was resistant to extremely cold weather, but cannot stand the warm air in room.

Zana was very fond of eating grapes and vine crops. In addition, she was also a hard-core drinker and able to sleep for many years just by surviving with food thrown at her.

Having successfully tamed, Zana was then released and taught to do the light work. Strangely, she has a lot of kids with different father. However, most of the children died when Zana bathe them with cold and frozen water.

Local residents who were concerned with Zana's strange behaviour took her children. Unlike their mother, Zana's children grow as a normal person and were adopted by several families.

Zana died in a village in 1890. Her younger son reportedly died in 1954. Zana is said to have many grandchildren and mostly have dark complexion. One of them is Shalikula. She has a mouth that is very strong, so capable of lifting a chair with a man sitting on it.

This story is based on Professor Porchnev's research as he managed to hold an interview with old folks in the village. Research on the mystery of  Zana probably prooves that she is an evidence of  human evolution that has not been fully transformed into a normal human.

How true is this story? No one knows.

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